BHS PTSO Volunteer Form 2017-2018

Blacksburg High School is an exciting place to volunteer. Volunteers fill gaps by providing quality assistance to students, faculty, and staff. Volunteers serve as role models and foster a strong sense of community. They contribute much needed time, talent, and energy. Please be a volunteer. WE NEED YOU!

You can sign-up to volunteer using the form below. Please submit a separate form for each volunteer. THANK YOU!

BHS PTSO does not share any personal information about its volunteers with other organizations.

Volunteer Form
Volunteer Information

Activities during the school day

  1. Health ScreeningMain OfficeLibraryAssisting with mailingsAssisting with a club

Activities in the evening or flexible hours

  1. After Prom CommitteeBaking or Donating Items to Hospitality Committee

NOTE: The PTSO will utilize Signup Genius for specific tasks for the areas of your indicated interest.